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Easter Crafts For Kids

You may be shocked when I say this but… I’ve never given my daughter chocolate. “Why?” you ask. Well wherever possible since she was born, I’ve kept her away from all refined sugars as much as possible because I know how addictive they are (amongst other reasons, that I won’t babble on about now). I have a major sweet-tooth myself and no matter how hard I try I just can’t kick the habit! I didn’t want her to go down the same route and so I found alternative snacks for her. I will be doing a separate post on this topic soon. However, with Easter being a few days away and supermarket shelves parading chocolate eggs down every isle, I set out to find some Easter crafts ideas that I could fill her basket with instead!

Easter crafts ideas to fill the kids baskets, instead of buying chocolate

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Complete Easter Crafts Basket For Under £10

H absolutely loves making things so it was hard to not get carried away, but I wanted to stick to my budget. I first set out looking in all of the supermarkets and found next to nothing craft wise in their Easter sections.

I finally found a gorgeous rainbow woven basket in Hobby Craft for only £2! as well as the Easter themed dye stain sun-catcher for £1. Considering I’m always doing arts & crafts with H, I’d never thought to look in Hobby Craft as I just assumed they would be overpriced. I didn’t see anything else in there that I thought was suitable for toddlers. However I was overjoyed that I’d bagged those two bargains.

Easter Crafts Ideas, If You Don't Want To Buy Chocolate!             Easter Crafts Ideas, If You Don't Want To Buy Chocolate!

The rest of the goodies were from Poundland. I was amazed at the huge selection of crafts they had to offer. I brought:

  • 6 Pack of Easter Crackers
  • Create your own egg character that contains pre-cut shapes, wobbly eyes, sequins, paints, brush & instructions (which makes 6).
  • 8 Pack of Easter ribbons
  • 12 Pack of polystyrene eggs to decorate.

I also printed out some free Easter colouring sheets to pop in there too. You can find loads of these as well as other Easter craft ideas on my Easter Pinterest board.


I hope I’ve given you some ideas of how you can have an affordable, fun filled, chocolate free Easter with your little ones.

Wishing you all a lovely, relaxing holiday.



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