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Hey guys, If you found my last post useful then you’ll love this one. I’ve finally managed to switch out all of my old skincare products for safer natural alternatives! For any of you aren’t first timers to my blog, I’m sure you know how much of a product junkie I am and therefore can imagine how excited I am to be sharing this with you guys, so I’m just going to dive straight in!

Natural skincare product alternatives + 99 harmful ingredients you don't want to find in your skincare products.

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Firstly for any of you who might already be thinking “Are my skincare products safe?!” here’s a list of 99 harmful ingredients that are found in most skincare products out there. This list is what I used to check out the dangers within my old collection and what I use as a reference when now purchasing natural skincare products for my family.

Oliva Soap

natural skincare products

This soap is very pleasant. I use it on from head to toe on both my daughter and myself. It’s made from 100% pure olive oil, is vegetarian and 100% biodegradable. Due to its natural ingredients it has very little scent and is very gentle on my daughters sensitive skin.

Dr Organic Hemp Oil Body Wash

Natural skincare product alternatives + 99 harmful ingredients you don't want to find in your skincare products.

I absolutely love this body wash! It lathers well, feels great on the skin and has a lovely scent to it. It’s blend of organic hemp oil and organic bio-active plant extracts such as Elderberry extract,  Lemon, Lavender oil, Rosemary leaf oil, Patchouli and more is what enables this wash to leave your skin beautifully soft and feeling refreshed. It is gentle enough for everyday use and doesn’t irritate my daughters sensitive skin either.

Salt of The Earth Natural Deodorant 

Natural skincare product alternatives + 99 harmful ingredients you don't want to find in your skincare products.

You can’t get a more natural deodorant than this! This product helps you to remain deodorised naturally without chemical, fragrances, parabens or alcohol. Most importantly this crystal deodorant works without blocking your pores, which if you didn’t already know, has serious implications on our health! (Perhaps I’ll write a separate post on this..). The only ingredient in this is Potassium Alum which is a natural mineral salt made up of molecules that are too large to be absorbed by the skin. It offers 24 hour protection and when I say it lasts forever! you simply wet it, roll on, dry it and that’s it. If you remember to dry it after each use I promise it will last you months.

Sarakan Toothpaste

Natural skincare product alternatives + 99 harmful ingredients you don't want to find in your skincare products.

Branded as nature’s toothpaste, Sarakan delivers on It’s promises. It is formulated using high quality natural ingredients and includes the natural extract of the shrub Salvadora persica. For centuries, Salvadora in its natural state, as twigs, has been rubbed on teeth and gums for dental care. It’s also the only toothpaste I’ve come across that’s free from fluoride and silica! (which is featured on the 99 harmful ingredients list I mentioned above). I’ll be doing a separate post on the dangers of fluoride too! It is also free from SLS, colours, preservatives and parabens. (Mouthwash is also available in this range).

Shea Butter & Coconut oil

Natural skincare product alternatives + 99 harmful ingredients you don't want to find in your skincare products.  

I did a previous post on the benefits of both Shea butter & Coconut oil so I won’t ramble on any more here. I use Shea butter on my daughters eczema prone skin as It’s thick in texture which creates a great barrier and keeps her skin moisturised all day! This is the only product that’s worked on her skin thus far and It’s natural! WOOP! I use coconut oil to moisturise my skin and I love it. Its so quick to apply and leaves my skin looking & feeling great. I also use it to moisturise my daughters super coily hair, It leaves a gorgeous shine and really helps to define her curls.

Weleda Skin Food

I use this moisturiser as a facial cream. Both Shea butter & Coconut oil can be used to moisturise your face but I have spot prone skin and none of these do me any favours. Believe it or not my search for a natural face cream was the hardest of all the products. I was introduced to skin food by a staff member in my local health store. It’s made with a lot of essential oils and so it is very oily in texture (hence why it is marketed for dry skin types), however I squeeze out the tiniest bit and dab it all over my face before applying makeup and I have no complaints! You’ll see in the ingredients list that It does contain Fragrance but those contained are all from natural essential oils.

So there you go, my recommendations of the best natural skincare products for you to check out. However, my research is not yet complete, there are a few more products I would like to find such as face wash and makeup wipes so I’ll do a second post on these when I find them.


Do you know what’s in your skincare products? Already gone natural? If you know of any brands/products I can check out then please do comment below and let me know!

Thanks guys! I hope you enjoyed the post.



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